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RedEngine FiveM LUA Executor

RedEngine FiveM LUA Executor

מחירהחל מ- 11.99$

redENGINE is the leading Lua executor for FiveM. With innovative features like a resource stopper, server dumper, flawless execution, and amazing undetection, you can’t go wrong with buying redENGINE.FiveM Menu

Lua Executor -

Dumper -

Trigger Server Event Finder -

Resource Stopper -

Event Logger & Event Blocker -

Free Menus -

Premium Paid Menus Available (Nexus, Lumia, Absolute, Crown) 

Aimbot, ESP & No Recoil -

  • ?How do I get the product I have purchased

    Verify yourself at and open a ticket in the "Market Place" section

    Enter the following data: Order Number: (the order/purchase number) Email: (the email used to make the purchase)

    ?What will I receive when making the purchase 🛒

    License key (Key)

    Detailed steps on how to redeem, download and use the mod menu

    Access to the mod menu for life, monthly or weekly, depending on the key you acquired

    Lifetime updates included

    Professional support from our specialized agents 24/7

  • Features of the mod menu

     Lua Executor: Lua Executor with isolated resource that create new resource which allows you to execute more safely and harder to detect by the server anti-cheat. Executor can execute Trigger Server Events, your own scripts and menus

    Dumper: Dumper dumps Client Side of scripts and Stream files (dump any map, car or streamed file)

    Trigger Server Event Finder: The Trigger Server Event Finder allows you to easily see what Triggers the server you are on has

    Resource Stopper: Resource Stopper is used to stop client side of scripts which you want like anti-cheat

    Event Logger & Event Blocker: Event Logger show what triggers you used and with the blocker you can block explosions etc

    Free Menus: redENGINE includes Free Menus which you can use.

    Premium Menus: Premium menus are paid and unique mod menus such as Nexus, Lumia, Absolute, FiveSense and Zebulo Menu

    Aimbot, ESP & No Recoil: Aimbot & No Recoil helps you with PVP, with ESP you can see other players

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